• WhenDidI
    Event Tracker
    The most customizable, user-friendly
    Android event tracker on the market.

Amazing Features

Track whatever you want.
WhenDidI is fully customizable.

Modern interface

A slick and responsive interface for navigating and accessing your event data.

Track what you want

Measure a variety of events, cash, quantities, or just simple counters.

Don't lose your data

You can backup you data to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Easily accessible

Add multiple widgets to your home page to view and add event.

See it in charts

View your events in bar charts, line charts and multi-data charts.

Share your events

Send your event data to others with email.

Start tracking your events today.

  • Define your own Event Categories.
  • Store as many events as your phone storage allows.
  • Add alerts for event.
  • Add your own measurement units.
  • Add free text notes to events.
  • Quick links for common event entries.

Why use WhenDidI?

There are plenty of apps to keep track of finances, exercise amounts or calories eaten. Some are very basic, others require you to add lots of information to fully use the app.

But what if you do not want to use multiple apps, but just need to keep note of a few important events in one place. For example just the cost of your lunches, along with when you last had a hair cut, and how has your weight been changing over the year.

With WhenDidI, you can store the times of different event types, along with a cost value, or a measurement of your choice. Have all the informaton, easily accessiable from one place.

Events in Spreadsheets

Turn you events list in a comma delimited csv file, and share as an email attachment. CSV files can be viewed in spreadsheets.


Register event notification alerts to appear at particular times of the week, month or even a number of days after the last event.

Quick links

Favourite a particular chart view, or an add event entry. Place these favourites on the home page as widgets.


The obligatory screenshots section.

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(Includes full functionality, but limited events)

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