WhenDidI Release 3.8.0

Version 3.8.0 of WhenDidI has just been released on play store. The update includes the following features

Elapsed time update in the categories list

Previously the categories list would show the elapsed time for the last event in hours, minutes and days.
If the elapsed time is over a month or year, the time is displayed as month-days or year-months.

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Quick links lets you bookmark your favourite features

Quick links, i.e. favorites, in WhenDidI lets to bookmark various screens, and also automatically fill in the inputs. For example, you can add a quick link to add an event for a particular category, with the quantity amount prefilled.

Screens that can be quick linked have the following icon displayed in the top bar.

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Let WhenDidI alert you when an event is due

Alerts in WhenDidI remind you when a repetitive event is due. You can set an alert for any event category, and there are a variety of ways to trigger an alert, e.g. daily, weekly or monthly.

The alerts tab will let you manage the alerts. You can add, edit and delete alerts on this tab screen. Note to edit or delete an alert, long press on the alert row item.

Create an alert

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See your data in charts

As the saying goes, a picture tells a 1000 words, and so WhenDidI has the ability to view your data in charts in addition to text in tables. Access charts for a particular category by clicking the chart icon.

There are three types of charts that can be displayed,

  • Bar charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Multi-Data charts

Bar Charts

Bar charts show your data in various different chart views by selecting the options on the bottom bar.

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Backing up your data

To safeguard data loss through accidental deletion, or lost phone, WhenDidI offers a number of backup options.

All backup options can be access from the menu on the main screen, or from the navigation bar.

Local Backup

This backup stores the data on the device itself. It is stored in a folder called whendidi, and is called whendidbk.json.

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Getting Started – Adding a new category

WhenDidI is an event tracker. It allow tracking of your own custom events by various user definable measurements, such as quantity, price or just a simple counter.

Adding you own categories

WhenDidI is pre-installed with a number of example categories. You can add your own category from the main screen, by selecting the tab more, and clicking on the icon ‘edit categories’.


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Adding your own measurements

WhenDidI has a number of measurements pre-installed. However, you are not limited to the supplied measurements, you can add you own quiet easily.

Measurements are labels in WhenDidI, for scalar values. So they do not need to be restricted to real world measurement types. They also used to provide measurement information when the event details are displayed, such as the events list, or the chart axis information.

To add a new measurement, go to the main screen and click on the more tab, which is the last tab in WhenDidI. Select the measurement icon, which will bring up the current list of measurements defined.


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