Email your events as a CSV spreadsheet attachment

All the events for a particular category can be emailed easily in WhenDidI. First, display the events list for the category you want to email, and then click on the share icon, in the top bar.

The standard app selection screen will then be displayed. Pick the email application, you want to use to send the WhenDidI data.

CSV Attachment

By default, WhenDidI data will be emailed in a CSV formatted file as an attachment to the email. This is a file that can be opened by spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

To ensure that the file is readable by spreadsheets correctly, all fields are enclosed in double quotes, and there are no spaces after the commas.  An example of the contents of the attachment file is

"26 Aug 2018","6:59 pm","20",""
"25 Aug 2018","6:59 pm","17","note with comma, note"
"23 Aug 2018","7:59 pm","14","test note"
"21 Aug 2018","6:55 pm","20","another note"

This sample CSV is shown in the Excel spreadsheet below.


Embedded Text

If you do not want the data to be sent as an attachment, and instead, include the data as text, embedded in the email message, then go to setting, and set the following options.

Setting -> Sharing -> Use Attachment

The format of the data is different from the CSV file so that the content is more readable.