WhenDidI Release 3.8.0

Version 3.8.0 of WhenDidI has just been released on play store. The update includes the following features

Elapsed time update in the categories list

Previously the categories list would show the elapsed time for the last event in hours, minutes and days.
If the elapsed time is over a month or year, the time is displayed as month-days or year-months.

Yearly ranges in charts

Two additional range types have been added to charts

Yearly Ascending
Yearly Descending

Note, that you may need to change the following setting to ‘Show All’.

Settings -> Charts -> Date range for chart views

Increased widget fonts sizes

Fonts in widget will increase if extended to 4×1. The font increase will depend on your mobile screen resolution.

CSV Improvements

When sharing events lists, attachments are created as csv files. All fields in these files are now enclosed in quotes, which allows for easier importing to spreadsheets. An example csv file contents is

"26 Aug 2018","6:59 pm","20",""
"25 Aug 2018","6:59 pm","17","note with comma, note"
"23 Aug 2018","7:59 pm","14","test note"
"21 Aug 2018","6:55 pm","20","another note"