Quick links lets you bookmark your favourite features

Quick links, i.e. favorites, in WhenDidI lets to bookmark various screens, and also automatically fill in the inputs. For example, you can add a quick link to add an event for a particular category, with the quantity amount prefilled.

Screens that can be quick linked have the following icon displayed in the top bar.

Managing Quick Links

Once a quick link has been created, it will available on the quick links tabs on the main screen. This tab lets you manage the quick links, where you can delete and edit quick links. e.g. rename a quick link to a more meaningful name.


Some useful examples of quick links are

Quick Add – A frequent purchase

If you have a cost-based category, such as ‘lunch costs’, and you visit a particular food establishment frequently, purchasing a particular item often, why not add a quick link for this.

Go to the category
Click on Add Event as per normal
Click on the quick link icon


This will create a quick link for the add lunch event, with the cost you entered. You can then long press the quick link to edit the quantity amount.



Quick charts

The chart screens offer a large variety and permutations of charts(link to charts page). Rather than setting up the chart page to the desired chart view every time, you can create a quick link to the chart simply by clicking on the quick icon.

The quick link will store the chart type, date range and any other configuration you had set up when clicking the quick link icon.

Filtered list view

The filtered ranges allow you to select multiple categories on the same events list, and also apply further filters such as cost amounts that have exceeded a certain value.

With the quick link feature, you can create a quick link to quickly list all the expensive events only.