See your data in charts

As the saying goes, a picture tells a 1000 words, and so WhenDidI has the ability to view your data in charts in addition to text in tables. Access charts for a particular category by clicking the chart icon.

There are three types of charts that can be displayed,

  • Bar charts
  • Pie Charts
  • Multi-Data charts

Bar Charts

Bar charts show your data in various different chart views by selecting the options on the bottom bar.

Category Select
Use this to choose the category chart you want to view.

Range Type
Select the time range for the chart, daily, weekly and monthly. In addition you can also choose hourly and day of week aggregates. This will show the combines data for each hour of the days, or day of the week. This may be useful, for example, if you need to know what time that you often perform a particular event.

Data Type
The data type views available are

  • Count total
  • Quantity total
  • Quantity average
  • Cost total
  • Cost average

Note the data type views available are dependant on the category type. i.e. the quantity type will not be

Overlays are useful for comparing one data type to another. For example comparing the average quantity with the total quantity values.


Pie Chart

You can view multiple categories with pie charts. Categories which are cost based and have similar measurements can be viewed side by side in a pie chart in various date ranges.


Multi-Data Charts

Shows all the category data in multiple bar charts, stacked together on one screen.