How to email events

To email all the events for a particular is easy in WhenDidI. Bring up the events list for the category you want to email.

Click on the share icon, which will bring up the standard app selection screen. Pick the email application you want to use to send the WhenDidI data with.


Note: App selection screen will vary depending on the version of Android OS running on your device.

WhenDidI data, by default, will be emailed in a csv formatted file as an attachment to the email. This is a file that can be opened by spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

WhenDidI can also send the email with the events as a list, embedded in the message.

To change between a csv attachment and a text list, go the to settings, and select sharing events.

Header in Output
Enable or disable the header being displayed on the first row.

Set Attachment
Select between sending a csv attachment, or rows of event details as part of the message body.

If enabled, the event note will be output in the last column

Rows to output
Controls the amount of events that will be sent in the email