WhenDidI has a number of widgets to provide information and speed up entry of events. There are two types of widgets available, Category event entry, and favourites shortcuts.

Category event entry

The category widget has a number of functions.

  • Add an event related to the category quickly.
  • Displays a running total of the event for the day, week or month.
  • Quick access to a list of all the events for the category.
  • Display when the last event occurred, or days since the last event.

When adding a widget, the widget configuration screen is shown.



Here you have the following options

Category Selection – Select the category for the widget

Last Event Display – This lets you chose between displaying the last events date and time, or how many days have passed since the event took place

Stats – will show the total quantity for the event for the current day, week or month.

Favorites Widget

The favourites widget is basically a shortcut to any favourites defined in WhenDidI. See favourites to explore this functionality further.



When adding this widget, the configuration screen has allows the following options.

Favourite selection – choose the favourite that you want to add

Set title – you can enter an optional title here. If not, the title defaults to the favourite title, which may be too long for the widget.